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Recreation and Activities

At Sitla

There’s a lot to do at Sitla.

If you’re an indoorsy sort of person, then spend as many hours as you like in our cosy library lounging in front of the fireplace. We have all sorts of books, from adventure and travel writing, to historical and cultural writing and a wide collection of fictional works.

For happy campers who’re here for the outdoors, there is so much to do. Traipse off on walks of different grades and lengths covering different sorts of terrain, sling on a pair of binoculars and indulge in the rich birding opportunities, go exploring  through the thick jungle surrounding the Estate (guide compulsory), or just lounge under the many apricot, plum and pear trees with a good book in hand.

For bad weather days or those stay-in moments, there are all kinds of board games, a TT table, dart board and a pool table (coming soon) as well as the inescapable Wi-Fi connection for those who just cannot palate being disconnected for too long.